How to Keep Track of Employee Hours

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If your company has a considerable employee size, then what better option that to use an automated time clock software to keep track of their employee hours in a very easy way.  Adding up timesheets can be a hassle even if your employees are just a few in number.  It also takes up a lot of your time.  Time clock software allows employees to log in for work in any computer that is being used in your office, and this makes it very easy for you at the end of the week to access all the information and tally them up in a matter of seconds.  It is easy to find time clock software that will be very useful for your company.  A software that allows for unlimited employees is the best one.  In order not to be delayed with any problems or difficulties with the software by Timeclock Hub, choose the company that offer support for their clients.  Most software today are user and visual friendly so employees will not really find it difficult to clock in.

If you are a small business and don’t want to invest in software, then a punch clock will also do as a means of keeping track of employee hours.  If you use punch clocks, you save money because it is just a small investment, and it is also semi-automated.  Searching online is the best way to find good deals on punch clocks.  But there is a disadvantage to using punch clocks.  While employees will have an actual time record of reporting for work and leaving work, you, on the other hand, will have to go back to the old system of calculating the total time for each employee manually.  Employees will find it fun and interesting using a punch clock. Get more facts about time clocks at

There is also an advantage to using methods of old like time cards and sheets.  This method is the cheapest of all since it does not use any devices.  It is possible to make the time cards yourself so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  However, there are disadvantages to using time cards and sheets.  For one, dishonest employees can simply put the incorrect data to make it appear that they have worked the actual number of hours even if they have not.  When it comes to rounding up time, most employees will round it in their favor rather than give the exact time resulting in a few hours a month you are paying for but getting nothing out of.  And, it is also time consuming since you have to add the hours up manually yourself   If honesty is instilled in your employees then this method is still the best if you business is still small and starting. Read more about online employee timeclock here.


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